Stepless® Ear Clamp Kits provide a representative assortment of these popular clamps. The term "Stepless®" refers to the absence of steps or gaps on the inner circumference of the clamp. The Stepless® Ear Clamp design provides uniform compression and a 360º seal.
Standard Series Stepless® Ear Clamps are especially well-suited to applications involving both flexible and inflexible thin-walled hoses.
Heavy Duty Series Stepless® Ear Clamps have a higher retained load and are ideal for difficult to seal applications such as molded plastics or other less malleable materials, commonly used in the automotive industry.
Unit of Measure


Part Description

N/A 80 Assorted Clamps + 1 STD Jaw Pincer

Standard Series Application

N/A Flexible and Inflexible Thin-Walled Hoses

Heavy Duty Series Applications

N/A Molded Plastics or other less Malleable Materials


N/A 2.24 lb



N/A 1 Standard Jaw Pincers
Plus 10 each of the following Stainless Steel Ear Clamps:
  • 13.30mm (0.500in)
  • 14.50mm (0.562in)
  • 15.70mm (0.625in)
  • 18.50mm (0.718in)
  • 22.60mm (0.875in)
  • 25.60mm (1.000 in)
  • 28.60mm (1.125in)
  • 31.60mm (1.250in)
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