The Clamp Buster Pex Clamp Removal Tool is a unique tool for all size Pex clamp removal with effortless torque action. A socket is applied to the 3/8" drive breaker bar and then placed over the closed clamp. This tool shears the clamp by rotating the tool 90° clockwise, then counter clockwise.
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N/A 0.55 lb

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

N/A Pex Clamp Tools are specifically designed to install or remove PEX clamps.
Available tools include:
  • Clamp Buster Pex Clamp Removal Tool
  • 2-Handle Ratchet Pincers
  • 3-Handle Ratchet Pincers
Ratchet Pincers provide the necessary action leverage to close heavy-duty Crimp-Style Ear Clamps properly with ease. The 2-Handle style is standard. A 3-Handle style enables users to hold the cinch ring while crimping. Click on "Ratchet Pincers" above to learn more about these tools.
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