These Force-Controlling Pincers are a new technology closure concept which enables the controlled-force, manual installation of ear clamps. A vibration signal alerts you when you have reached the pre-adjusted force, providing uniform and consistent closures in repeatable assemblies. These pincers are available in closing forces from 1000-2600N (1000N featured here).
Unit of Measure


Closing Force

N/A 1000 N

For Use With

N/A Ear Clamps

EC Part

N/A True


N/A 1.83 lb

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

  • Controlled Force for Ear Clamps
  • Efficient, uniform installation at constant closing
  • Vibration Alarm is preset and fixed
  • Economical
  • Simple Installation - Undo the locknut, turn the screw to set the force, retighten



N/A Please contact EFC-International directly for information on additional options.
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