Famous Kinglok® design of these Zerks seals out oil & moisture, while a surface ball check blocks dirt.
Unit of Measure



N/A Famous Kinglok®

Thread Type

N/A British Standard Fine (BSF)

Thread Size

N/A 1/4-26

Standard Type

N/A British

Design Options

N/A Button Head

Industry Standards/Certifications

N/A Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE J-534-C)

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

N/A Stainless Steel Versions
  • Nickel-Chrome steels are inherently difficult to machine, but the manufacturer of the Stainless Steel Zerks listed here resolved those issues.
  • Extensive Research & Development with experimental techniques & processes
  • Developed a World-Class Finish quality maintaining highest standards of production
  • Hostile Environments are no threat to the performance of these ZERKS in lubricating bearings
Mild Steel Versions
  • High quality steel, case hardened and plated to pass rigorous corrosion tests and extend life.
  • Zinc Plated with Yellow Dichromate
  • Case-Hardened for extended tip durability
  • Carbon Steel Spring is Heat Treated after coiling for maximum performance & durability
  • Meet or Exceed world standards for corrosion protection
  • Meet or Exceed appropriate SAE & DIN requirements, including Hardness & Durability
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