The Stems™ fasteners are another innovative design from ITW Shakeproof, utilizing a screw and washer assembly with a unique anti-compression stamped washer. They are specifically designed for capturing plastics, tubing's, grommets, gaskets and other soft materials to steel. When designed for your application, Stems™ fasteners will prevent cracking, loosening due to creep and overcompensation of the plastic material. They are highly versatile, as any type of screw may be used in the assembly, and are available in a variety of head styles, point styles, and thread forms, in sizes M3.5 to M8.
Unit of Measure



N/A M3.5 to M8


N/A Various Heads

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

N/A The Stems™ washer usually has a conical shape that helps absorb driving torque and prevents the screw from stripping, without damaging any fragile bearing material. The washer also has a standoff column that supports clamp load as it bears the tapping plate. Threads inside the washer give it greater resistance to stripping in thin sheets.
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