Flanged Spade Terminals deliver the same fast installation as Spade Terminals, but are turned up at the ends of each tongue to provide a "locking" mechanism to help maintain the connection should the screw loosen. This location and locking action greatly enhance ease of installation and make this a very safe, dependable type of Spade Terminal. Flanged Spade Terminals are available in AWG 22 through 10.
Unit of Measure



N/A Ring Spade


N/A Non Insulated Butted Seam

Wire Size

N/A 16/14 AWG

Stud Size

N/A 10 in

Maximum Length

N/A 0.816 in20.70 mm

Minimum Clearance

N/A 0.370 in9.40 mm

Maximum Width

N/A 0.425 in10.80 mm

Barrel Features

Barrel Features

  • Non Insulated Butted Seam: High Quality, One Piece Design; Economical; Greatest Versatility.
  • Non Insulated Welded Seam: Seam Welded Shut; Ideal for Hard-to-Crimp Solid and Stranded Wires; Can be crimped from any angle.
  • PVC Insulated: Permanent Rigid PVC Sleeve; Protects Against Vibration Damage; Funnel Entrance Prevents Wire from Folding; Improves Crimping Rates; Enhances Wire Termination Reliability.
  • Nylon Insulated, Metal Sleeve: Strain Relief Against Vibration; Tin-Plated Brass Sleeve for High Performance; Color Coded Nylon Fully Insulates Wire; Funnel Entrance Prevents Wire from Folding; Ferrule/Wire Grip; Increases Crimping Rates; Enhances Wire Termination Reliability.

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

N/A Like other Spade Terminals, it is not necessary to remove the screw before disconnecting Flanged Spade Terminals. They are available in several different barrel styles, with or without various insulation, and in 2 barrel lengths for space-saving or heavy-duty applications. You also have the choice of ordering them by loose piece or on one or more carrier types for your automated assembly. Their open-end design permits quick visual inspection of the wire location before and after crimping. All Wire Ranges are clearly identified on the metal surfaces for your convenience. They are either serrated or dimpled to improve wire gripping power. Reinforcement has been added where the flat tongue has been formed into a round barrel.
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