This version of Push Mount Standoff Harness/Cable Clips holds bundle diameters of 0.215" (max), approximately 0.600" above the panel. It will fit a predrilled hole diameter of 0.187" - 0.192". The panel range is 0.015 to 0.070. These tubular clips are designed of rugged nylon material.
Unit of Measure



N/A Cable Harness

Maximum Panel Size

N/A 0.070 in

Maximum Mounting Hole Size

N/A 0.192 in

Minimum Mounting Hole Size

N/A 0.187 in

Minimum Panel Size

N/A 0.015 in

Maximum Bundle Size

N/A 0.215 in

Maximum Center Panel to Bundle

N/A 0.651 in

Minimum Center Panel to Bundle

N/A 0.594 in


N/A Nylon 6/6


N/A Natural


N/A Top Loading

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

N/A Top Load Standoff Push Mounts snap easily into place to retain various sizes of tubes or cables to maintain desired spacing away from panels or other parts. The snap mount securely mounts your tubular parts and keeps them from vibrating separately. The special design of the space between your panel and the actual tubular part acts as a shock absorber and insulates.
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