These Adhesive "C" Style Wire Clip have a low profile design, perfect when clearance is a concern. They also have a large adhesive base for greater holding power. It's material is extruded from 94V-0 for fire and flame resistance.
Unit of Measure


Recommended Storage Temperature

N/A 60 to 80 ºF16 to 27 ºC

Recommended Approximate Relative Humidity

N/A 50 %


N/A Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)


N/A White

Print Reference A

N/A 0.480 in12.30 mm


N/A -20 to 150 ºF

Flammability Rating

N/A 94V-0

Maximum Bundle Size

N/A 0.500 in12.70 mm

Base Width

N/A 0.750 in19.10 mm

Base Thickness

N/A 0.050 in1.30 mm

Clip Length

N/A 1.000 in25.40 mm

Clip Width

N/A 0.570 in14.60 mm

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

N/A Quick and Easy Installation: Simply peel off backing and press into place.
Adhesive Backed.
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