• All Cable Clips with Ties

    All Cable Clips with Ties are manufactured out of high quality nylon or acetyl materials and are available in assorted tube diameters and bundle sizes. These components accommodate a wide range of tube or wire bundle diameters. Wire management solutions combine cable tie straps with additional features to attach to panels or other components

    Edge clips, also called "Edge Biters", are assemblies designed specifically to route bundles by securing them to the edge of a plastic or metal sheet or panel without a mounting hole. The clip secures easily and extraction force is high due to an integrated metal clamp that holds the edge clip in place. Edge Biters are available in a variety of configurations and designs

  • Heat Shrinkable Halogen Free Tubing

    Halogen-Free Heat-shrinkable tubing from EFC International is flame-retardant, halogen-free and easy to use. Ideal for fluid systems or electrical systems (automotive, mass transit, etc.), it is a high-quality product that delivers dependable performance and comes in the sizes and lengths you need.

    Also available: Heat Shrinkable Double Wall Tubing with Meltable Liner.

  • HEYCO® Cable Wraps

    HEYCO® Cable Wrap can be used to bundle and protect cables, wires, tubing and hoses from 1/16 in (1.60 mm) to 2 in (50.80 mm) diameters. They are available in 2 different materials; Nylon (94V-2) or Polyethylene (94V-0). They absorb vibrations, insulate cables, resist abrasions and are available in 8 sizes.

  • Round Push Mount Locking Wire Clips

    Round Push Mount Locking Wire Clips are also called Snap-In W-Prong Wire Routing Clips. An overlapping inner liner locks in wire bundles and prevents fall-out. Bundle sizes range from 0.620 to 1.500 inches. These top-loading wire clips mount into a predrilled 0.250 inch hole. Wires or cables are then simply pushed into the opening at the top of the clip.

  • Snap over Tree Clips
  • Swivel Clips

    Swivel clips provide complete 360° rotation for infinite and independent mounting possibilities. Each two-component assembly rotates with respect to one another and can accommodate different panel sizes and orientations, eliminating the number of fasteners required for a given application, process or installation. By mixing and matching components, unique solutions can be created: cable tie strap with fir tree, double cable tie strap, cable tie strap with edge clip or tape-on, cable tie strap with c-clip, double c-clip, and more.

  • Woven Heat Shrinkable Sleeves

    EFC International's Woven Heat Shrinkable Sleeves are flexible, braided cloth fibers designed to protect rubber hoses, plastic pipes, harness wiring bundles, and other diverse components.

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