• 3 and 4-Way Electrical Wire Connectors

    EFC International offers 3-Way & 4-Way Connectors to meet nearly every type of wiring need. They are insulated with either PVC or Nylon with a reinforcing metal sleeve. They are available in Wire Range Sizes AWG 22 to 10.

  • CPV Solar Bulkhead Connectors

    CPV Solar Bulkhead Connectors mate with Solar Connectors creating a liquid tight seal though the panel. They are provided with an assembled locknut and have an Integral Sealing Ring that ensures a superior seal at the mounting hole location. The connectors crimp to stranded 14 to 10 gauge wire for internal connections.

  • Electrical Connectors

    Terminal Bushings are small, snap-in nylon receptacles that make a quick wire connection or disconnection at a low cost. Typical uses include data processing, vending machines, motors, power supplies and controls. For connections through panels, housings or detachable shrouds, these insulated terminal bushings offer the features you need.

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