• Heavy Duty V-Profile Clamps

    Heavy duty V-profile clamps (also known as V-band clamps) are used to pull together and connect two circular flanges. They are very robust and can operate reliably and safely under conditions of stress, vibration, corrosion and temperature variatio.

    Heavy Duty V-Profile Clamps are optimized for superior load performance for extreme conditions in turbocharger and exhaust after treatment applications for both, milled and tube flanges in commercial vehicles like busses, trucks and tractors as well as industrial vehicles

    Engineered features enable efficiency and high performance and long lasting reliability yet meeting the Euro VI emission standards

  • V-Insert Quick Connect Hose Clamps

    V-Insert Quick Connect Hose Clamps have a V-insert welded to a flexible outer band, and a 1/4" or 5/16" latch which allows fast installation without removing the nut. Clamps range from 2" and up, in corrosion resistant and specialty steels.

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