• FLEX 5S Pull to Stroke Flex Tools

    Pull to Pressure Flex Tools feature 5,000 lbs. of pulling force to install rivet nuts from M3 to M10 and 6-32 to 3/8-24.


    • Convert to Pull to Stroke with optional Conversion Kit
    • In-Line upgrade for base tool conversion option
    • Split Tool with remote booster conversion option
    • Upgrade to different levels of process monitoring for feedback to the operator ensuring proper set of each rivet nut.

  • RIV905 Hydraulic Hand Riveters

    The RIV905 is a Hydraulic Hand Riveter for Blind Threaded fasteners that makes it easier to install or service rivet nuts without an energy source. Designed for rivet inserts and studs, they can also be used for left-handed thread rivet nuts.

  • RIV990/RIV991 Hexcutter Tools

    RIV990 and RIV991 Hexcutter Tools allow users to transform round holes to hexagonal holes. This enables a change from standard unified to FM™ full metric inserts.

  • Riv-Float™ Blind Threaded Insert Nuts

    Patent Pending Riv-Float™ BLIND THREADED INSERT NUTS have floating internal threads which allow for component attachments in off-center applications. The radial float of 0.020" allows the nut to drive the angle of the screw, eliminating cross-threading and spin-out. The kits and bags featured here contain sample sizes of Large Flanged Nuts and tools for a variety of applications. Small Flange versions and individual parts are available directly from EFC-International.

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