• Beverage Kits

    The Stepless® Ear Clamps contained in this kit provide a guaranteed 360° closure on any style Beverage tubing. The patented tongue & groove design eliminates steps or gaps on the inner band. These clamps seal soft neoprene tubing as well as stiff synthetic hoses.

  • Cobra Clamp Pincers

    The Pro-Tool for Normaclamp® Cobra Clamps enables precise installation and removal. The tips of the plier head complete a secure grip on the clip's tool gripping points.

  • Cordless Clamp Pincers

    Cordless Clamp Pincers are an effective alternative to Pneumatic Pincers for installation of Oetiker Ear Clamps. They provide good accuracy, ergonomic handling and fast, uniform clamp assembly in an unrestricted cordless design.Their hydraulic accumulator unit incorporates an automatic retraction function which returns the jaws to their open position when selected maximum closing force is reached. The unit is also equipped with a special break which stops jaw closure when the trigger is released. The pincer head can be smoothly rotated 360º around the longitudinal axis in order to gain better access to tight corners and other hard to reach areas.

  • Force Controlling Pincer Tools

    These Force-Controlling Pincers are a new technology closure concept which enables the controlled-force, manual installation of ear clamps. A vibration signal alerts you when you have reached the pre-adjusted force, providing uniform and consistent closures in repeatable assemblies. These pincers are available in closing forces from 1000-2600N (1000N featured here).

  • hand installation pincers
  • Hand Pincers

    These Pincers have a special jaw form specially designed to install Stepless® Low Profile 1-Wave & 3-Wave Clamps with Tensioning Hooks.

  • Handheld Clamp Pliers for Uniclamps™ Hose

    These handheld pliers are designed specifically to install UNICLAMP™ HOSE CLAMPS.

  • Irrigation Service Clamp Kits

    Irrigation Service Clamp Kits contain an assortment of the most common sizes of 1-Ear Stainless Steel Clamps with Mechanical Interlock. These clamps have a reinforcing dimple which creates a spring action in the clamp band to maintain a tight fit under pressure. They have been used for years on irrigation systems with black polyethylene pipe, and maintain their tension against vibration and pressure surges.

    The Kit is economical and easy to use in the field, and contains everything you need to install these popular clamps in the field.

  • Make-A-Clamp Kits

    Each Make-A-Clamp Kit is a total maintenance worm gear clamp system in a box, from which can be made over 1000 SAE Sizes of clamps. Each kit consists of 1 continuous roll of Perforated 1/2"-wide Stainless Steel Banding plus adjustable Stainless Steel Aero-Seal Worm-Gear Assembly Fasteners with 400SS Hex Head Screws. These kits are superior to and more versatile than "crimp & buckle" banding and strapping fasteners, and are ideal for anyone who requires varying sizes of large re-usable worm gear clamps. Table below lists complete kits as well as replacement pieces for kits, as explained.

  • Pex Clamp Busters

    The Clamp Buster Pex Clamp Removal Tool is a unique tool for all size Pex clamp removal with effortless torque action. A socket is applied to the 3/8" drive breaker bar and then placed over the closed clamp. This tool shears the clamp by rotating the tool 90° clockwise, then counter clockwise.

  • Pex Clamp Kits

    This Pex Clamp Kit contains the three most common clamp sizes used in the Pex industry, plus a 3-Handle Ratchet Pincer to install all clamp sizes in the kit. Pex Clamps are currently being used on Polyethylene cross-linked pipe applications by the Pex Plumbing Industry. The specified clamps are suitable for fast and secure connections of Pex pipes in the plumbing field. The clamp design ensures tamper detection. The clamp sizes are solely intended for Pex applications with corresponding inch sizes.

  • Pliers for Spring Band Clamps

    Assembly Tools for Spring Band Clamps are designed to enable fast and effortless fitting of the clamps in a variety of applications. These Pliers for Spring Band Clamps help ensure maximum security and reliability for your requirements.

  • Professional Worm Gear Clamps Kits

    This Professional Worm Gear Clamps Kit is perfect for working professionals such as contractors, installers, mechanics, plumbers, and more. The kit contains an assortment of 195 American-style (slotted) all-stainless worm gear clamps in the most popular sizes. Clamp ranges are from 10-16mm through 59-83mm, and a handy "flex driver" installation tool is included in a durable plastic case.
    Kit - Professional Worm Gear Clamp Assortment with Flexi Driver Tool

  • Ratchet Pincers

    Ratchet Pincers provide the necessary action leverage to close heavy-duty Crimp-Style Ear Clamps properly with ease:

    • Slip the clamp over your hose or tubing
    • Close clamp ear with Ratchet Pincer
    • Tool will not release until the clamp is fully closed

  • Ratchet Pincers for PEX Clamps

    This high quality version of a contractor's grade Ratchet Pincer for PEX Clamps was developed and optimized for "Do-It-Yours" customers. The jaws are non-adjustable; however, the pincer includes a pin-gauge to measure its ability to provide the proper closing distance. It comes with the same performance characteristics as the contractor's tool including ratchet release and guide plates.

  • Stepless® Ear Clamp Kits with Standard Pincer

    Stepless® Ear Clamp Kits provide a representative assortment of these popular clamps. The term "Stepless®" refers to the absence of steps or gaps on the inner circumference of the clamp. The Stepless® Ear Clamp design provides uniform compression and a 360º seal.
    Standard Series Stepless® Ear Clamps are especially well-suited to applications involving both flexible and inflexible thin-walled hoses.
    Heavy Duty Series Stepless® Ear Clamps have a higher retained load and are ideal for difficult to seal applications such as molded plastics or other less malleable materials, commonly used in the automotive industry.

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