• HeyClip™ Lockit™ Cable Clips with a Hinged Locking Top

    HeyClip™ Lockit™ Cable Clips with a Hinged Locking Top are the perfect choice for low-profile applications. Their unique locking design snap-locks the wire saddle for up to a 0.063 panel thickness. Wire Saddles, as they are commonly called, are ideal for routing single wires, fiber optic cable, or bundles and the hinge eases insertion with no danger of crimping.

  • Short Cable Clips with Arrow Head Prong

    These Short Cable Clips with an Arrow head Prong are a perfect choice for low-profile applications where cables must have freedom of movement. The arrowhead prong snap-locks the saddle into a 0.138" diameter hole in a 0.063" panel, and allows the saddle to rotate in its mounting hole. This reduces strain on moving cables. Commonly called, "Wire Saddles," these cable clips are ideal for routing wires or fiber optic cable, providing easy top-load insertion and protection from abrasion.

  • Swivel Clips

    Swivel clips provide complete 360° rotation for infinite and independent mounting possibilities. Each two-component assembly rotates with respect to one another and can accommodate different panel sizes and orientations, eliminating the number of fasteners required for a given application, process or installation. By mixing and matching components, unique solutions can be created: cable tie strap with fir tree, double cable tie strap, cable tie strap with edge clip or tape-on, cable tie strap with c-clip, double c-clip, and more.

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