• Cable Clips

    Metal Cable Clips are spring clips that secure cable, wire and tubing safely away from dangerous areas. These one piece, self-retaining routing fasteners require only a mounting hole and will easily slip over your flange end or panel edge.

  • CPV Solar Bulkhead Connectors

    CPV Solar Bulkhead Connectors mate with Solar Connectors creating a liquid tight seal though the panel. They are provided with an assembled locknut and have an Integral Sealing Ring that ensures a superior seal at the mounting hole location. The connectors crimp to stranded 14 to 10 gauge wire for internal connections.

  • CPV Solar Wire Connectors

    CPV Solar Connectors mate with bulkhead connectors to create a liquid-tight seal for photovoltaic wire interconnections. CPV Solar Connectors offer a large cable diameter range that covers an expansive selection of both USE-2 and 1000V PV cables. The connectors are pre-cut and terminated CPV assemblies constructed from UV resistant 10AWG UL/TUV approved solar cable. Suitable for both UL and IEC solar installations, they have a maximum cable assembly current rating of 30 amps.

  • Electrical Connectors

    Terminal Bushings are small, snap-in nylon receptacles that make a quick wire connection or disconnection at a low cost. Typical uses include data processing, vending machines, motors, power supplies and controls. For connections through panels, housings or detachable shrouds, these insulated terminal bushings offer the features you need.

  • Ezyclik™-P Low Profile Plastic Hose Clamps

    The Ezyclik™-P (Plastic) hose clip is specifically designed for hose clamping applications where space is restricted. The unique design of the patent pending Ezyclik™-P ensures strong, fast and reliable clamping with a low profile design and fully corrosion resistant materials.

  • Maxrunner™ Array Cable Clips

    • Patent Pending design is the ultimate in solar wire management.
    • Holds up to 12 cables with wire diameters ranging from 0.20" (5.2 mm) to 0.28" (7.2 mm).
    • Constructed from PPE+PS flame retardant "Noryl" material with a 301 stainless steel mounting clip.
    • The versatile stainless steel mounting clip is designed to secure the holder to a wide variety of aluminum extruded mounting frames of various thicknesses and profiles up to 0.250" (6.4 mm) thick.
    • The injection molded wire holder has a V0 flame rating and a UV (f1) rating for excellent resistance to outdoor exposure.
    • Molded internal locking tabs securely hold the cables in place preventing side-to-side movement or slippage of the cables.

  • Plastic Worm Drive Hose Clamps

    These Light Duty 1/2" Worm Gear Clamps are suitable for common home, hardware, and automotive applications requiring greater resistance to corrosion, as they are made of all high nickel grade 201/301 or 300 stainless steel. They have a 1/2" band, with a 5/16" hex-head screw, and come in sizes from 3/8" to 7" clamping diameters.

  • PowAR™ Snap 90B Attachment Clips

    PowAR™ Snap 90B Attachment Clips provide the perfect fastener interface between standard PV modules & rail racking systems.

  • Smart® Hybrid Nylon Banding

    Smart® Band Hybrid is a premium high strength composite polymer based band and buckle system. With a range of installation tools including the high speed 3000 pneumatic tool the Smart® Band Hybrid is the ideal solution for many offshore & subsea applications including cable protection, Strake attachment & piggyback line installation.

    Smart® Band Hybrid is typically used as an alternative to high grade corrosion resistant alloy strapping solutions such as Inconel 625, Monel & Titanium. The Hybrid system combines a number of excellent qualities such as its high strength, ease of use, high retention and relaxation properties and its long life, to provide the ideal strapping solution for offshore & subsea use.

  • Smart® Standard Nylon Banding

    Smart® Band Standard is a non-metallic band and buckle system. It is a highly intuitive product making it very easy to fit. It is the ideal strapping solution for less aggressive applications both on and offshore. It is often used in permanent and temporary sign & street furniture fixation. Smart® Band Standard system is available in a variety of materials, sizes and reel lengths. It offers long-life and noncorrosive properties, making it the ideal alternative to many high grade stainless steel strapping solutions.

  • Solar Masthead® II Cordgrips

    Solar Masthead® II Cordgrip have skinned-over glands to provide you with a liquid tight seal around wires inserted into your choice of 1 - 13 holes. They are designed for solar rooftop installations, and are less expensive, easier to install and more aesthetically pleasing than combiner boxes.

  • Solar Masthead® II Cordgrips

    SunBundler™ Cable Ties can be used in many applications including and not limited to: Solar Panel Installation, Wind Power, Wire Harness, Aeronautical/Aerospace, Computers & Related Equipment, Motors & Generators and Scientific & Other Instruments.

  • SunRunner™ Cable Clips

    SunRunner™ Cable Clips are designed to provide a better method for PV module wire management. They may be used wherever single or multiple cable management is needed. The robust double-compression design accommodates from (1) 12 gauge USE-2 to (2) 10 gauge PV-1000 solar wires. Also for use with other cables from 0.20"-0.30" (5-7.6mm) in diameter.

  • Sunrunner™ 90 Degree Cable Clips

    Sunrunner™; 90° Cable Clips mount at a 90° angle to the original Sunrunner™;, and will accommodate a single cable from 0.200" - 0.300" (5.0mm - 7.6mm)
    They are available in 100-pc packages or Bulk

  • Sunrunner™ Cable Clips
  • Sunscreener™ J-Hooks

    • Helps protect solar panels from rodents and nesting birds.
    • Constructed from 303 and 304 Stainless Steel for maximum endurance to outdoor elements.
    • 303 Stainless Steel J-Hook easily attaches to the solar panel frames.
    • 304 Stainless Steel Washers will firmly hold wire mesh screen to the module assembly preventing squirrels and rodents from damaging the interconnection wires and birds from building nests under the solar panel.
    • The Stainless Steel J-Hook can easily be trimmed or bent after assembly.
    • Installs quickly and easily with standard linesman pliers.

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