• CPV Solar Bulkhead Connectors

    CPV Solar Bulkhead Connectors mate with Solar Connectors creating a liquid tight seal though the panel. They are provided with an assembled locknut and have an Integral Sealing Ring that ensures a superior seal at the mounting hole location. The connectors crimp to stranded 14 to 10 gauge wire for internal connections.

  • CPV Solar Wire Connectors

    CPV Solar Connectors mate with bulkhead connectors to create a liquid-tight seal for photovoltaic wire interconnections. CPV Solar Connectors offer a large cable diameter range that covers an expansive selection of both USE-2 and 1000V PV cables. The connectors are pre-cut and terminated CPV assemblies constructed from UV resistant 10AWG UL/TUV approved solar cable. Suitable for both UL and IEC solar installations, they have a maximum cable assembly current rating of 30 amps.

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