• Electrical Connectors

    Terminal Bushings are small, snap-in nylon receptacles that make a quick wire connection or disconnection at a low cost. Typical uses include data processing, vending machines, motors, power supplies and controls. For connections through panels, housings or detachable shrouds, these insulated terminal bushings offer the features you need.

  • Standard Nylon Universal Bushings

    Standard Nylon Universal Bushings have flexible shutters that adjust to accommodate and support multiple shapes and sizes. These snap-in bushings absorb vibrations and cushion and insulate cables, tubing, hoses or shafts with limited internal clearance.

  • Thin Panel Bushings with Multiple Locking Steps

    Thin Panel Bushings with Multiple Locking Steps fit and finish your applications with ease. They can be used in panels as thin as 0.020 in (0.5 mm). The bushing's locking fingers easily snap into holes and it can withstand a push back force of greater than 35 pounds.

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