• EG Series Expansion Grommets

    Expansion Grommets come in two screw sizes, #8 (4.2) or #10 (4.8). These self-tapping sheet metal screws can fit a panel thickness of 0.020 to 0.076 in. (0.51-1.93 mm).

  • Encloz® Self-Retaining Nylon Screw Grommets

    Encloz® Reverse Screw Grommets are ideal when components are fastened from the opposite side of the panel. The snap-in grommet covers the screw point with an attractive, decorative head.

  • MNI-HT Series High Temperature Screw Insulators

    Molded Nylon, High Temperature Screw Insulators are available in three sizes. The material is serviceable to 266 ºF (130 ºC). The 34300580-PPS03 design allows insertion in the tab of a TO-220 transistor.

  • RSD Series Screw Grommets

    Screw Grommets for Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) Foamed Components come in two sizes fitting Delta PT® 50 and 60 screws. The series has been developed to fasten parts to foamed components, especially those made of EPP. These friction-welding bosses are effective fastening elements for EPP foams and PP honeycomb elements. Through the friction welding process these PP screw grommets are embedded in the EPP foam and securely connect to the molten material.

  • SEI Series Sheet Edge Grommets

    Sheet Edge Inserts are circuit board grommets that are available in five sizes and require only a screwdriver for installation.

  • SRSG Series Self-Retaining Screw Grommets

    SELF-RETAINING SCREW GROMMET available in 12 different sizes for #6, #8, or #10 self-tapping screw.

  • Plastic Grommets

    Plastic Grommets are one-piece, non-corrosive nylon, self-retaining blind screw receptacles that spread the load over a wide area for strength and high load bearing capacity.

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