• #2 Bushing Lab Kits

    Bushings Lab Kits are perfect for

    • product design departments
    • experimental labs
    • prototype projects

  • One Tube Panel Center Edge Mount Cable Clips
  • Cable Clips
  • Two-Piece Clips for Flat/Ribbon Cable
  • Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Clips

    EFC is pleased to offer Norma™ patented one clip. The clip will replace 132 different hose clamps currently being installed in the HVAC market. The NormaFix HVAC Clip is a one size fits all solution that allows manufacturers and distributors to stock a single product while providing solutions to a broad list of clamping applications.
    This new clip can be used to replace conventional bridge clamps in the manufacturing and installation process. The clip is used in conjunction with a cable tie Contact EFC for available sizes and dimension data.

  • HEYCO® #5 Nylon Wire Routing Lab kits

    HEYCOHEYCO® Nylon Wire Routing Lab kit #5 is perfect for product design departments, experimental labs, and all prototype work.

  • Lockit™ Loops
  • 0.125 to 0.938 Inch (in) P Type Single Tube Routing Cushion Clamps
  • Snap over Tree Clips
  • Plastic Worm Drive Hose Clamps

    These Light Duty 1/2" Worm Gear Clamps are suitable for common home, hardware, and automotive applications requiring greater resistance to corrosion, as they are made of all high nickel grade 201/301 or 300 stainless steel. They have a 1/2" band, with a 5/16" hex-head screw, and come in sizes from 3/8" to 7" clamping diameters.

  • Swivel Clips
  • Smart® Hybrid Nylon Banding

    Smart® Band Hybrid is a premium high strength composite polymer based band and buckle system. With a range of installation tools including the high speed 3000 pneumatic tool the Smart® Band Hybrid is the ideal solution for many offshore & subsea applications including cable protection, Strake attachment & piggyback line installation.

    Smart® Band Hybrid is typically used as an alternative to high grade corrosion resistant alloy strapping solutions such as Inconel 625, Monel & Titanium. The Hybrid system combines a number of excellent qualities such as its high strength, ease of use, high retention and relaxation properties and its long life, to provide the ideal strapping solution for offshore & subsea use.

  • Smart® Standard Nylon Banding

    Smart® Band Standard is a non-metallic band and buckle system. It is a highly intuitive product making it very easy to fit. It is the ideal strapping solution for less aggressive applications both on and offshore. It is often used in permanent and temporary sign & street furniture fixation. Smart® Band Standard system is available in a variety of materials, sizes and reel lengths. It offers long-life and noncorrosive properties, making it the ideal alternative to many high grade stainless steel strapping solutions.

  • Snap over Tree Clips
  • Sunrunner™ 90 Degree Cable Clips

    Sunrunner™; 90° Cable Clips mount at a 90° angle to the original Sunrunner™;, and will accommodate a single cable from 0.200" - 0.300" (5.0mm - 7.6mm)
    They are available in 100-pc packages or Bulk

  • Sunrunner™ Cable Clips
  • wrap-tubing
  • adhesive-mount
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