• 20-C14 Inlet Electrical Connectors

    These 320-C14 Inlet Connectors allow you to attach either a North American or International cordset to your application. They have a unique ear design for either rivet or screw mount application, and attach to the panel from either the front or the rear.

  • Electrical Connectors

    Terminal Bushings are small, snap-in nylon receptacles that make a quick wire connection or disconnection at a low cost. Typical uses include data processing, vending machines, motors, power supplies and controls. For connections through panels, housings or detachable shrouds, these insulated terminal bushings offer the features you need.

  • HEYCO® Liquid Tight Break-Thru Plugs

    Liquid Tight Break-Thru Plugs come in six sizes in the standard black color. These co-molded nylon and elastomer parts provide liquid tight closure when used as a plug. When pierced, Liquid Tight Break-Thru Plugs function as a liquid tight bushing that converts raw edged holes to smooth, neat, insulated holes. They mechanically protect electrical and telecommunications cables, tubing, hoses, ropes and utility lines.

  • HEYCO® Pry-Out Nylon Dome Hole Plugs

    HEYCO® Pry-Out Nylon Dome Plugs are available in multiple sizes for use in 1/4" (6.4mm) to 2" (58.0mm) diameter holes for panel thicknesses up to 0.250" (6.4mm). Holds securely in chassis up to 1/4" (6.4mm) thick.

  • Round Vinyl Plastic Caps

    Round Vinyl Plastic Caps create an attractive, quality finish for consumer and industrial products. Durable, yet inexpensive, these caps can be produced in lengths up to 1-1/2" with variable wall thicknesses, hardness durometers and colors. They are flexible and feel pliable like rubber caps. Round Vinyl Plastic Caps are available in sizes from 0.062" to 6.00" diameter.

  • Snap-In Quick Power Electrical Strips

    Snap-In Quick Power Strips are molded of high impact resistant Nylon 6/6 and are rated at 125V and 15A.

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