• Nylon Barbed Rivets

    Nylon Barbed Rivets, also known as Xmas Tree Clips or Plastic Rivets, are handy fasteners for quick and easy installations. These rivets can securely clip into wood, metal, foam, rubber and plastics.

  • Plastic Push Rivets

    Plastic Push Rivets are two-piece fasteners that function like metal rivets without the need for special installation tools. They are ideal for assemblies where threaded fasteners or special tooling is not a viable option.

  • Removable Nylon Push Panel Rivets

    Removable Nylon Push Rivets, also called "Snap Rivets" easily snap into mounting holes with fingertip pressure. With the same ease, these parts are removable by simply pulling the head up. During installation, the rivet legs expand to securely lock components into place.

  • Standard Push Pin Rivets

    Standard Push Pin Rivets are one-piece fasteners with a pre-driven pin that quickly installs by hand or with automatic equipment.

  • Tufloks® Screw Type Push Pin Rivets

    The Screw Type - Push Pin is a one-piece fastener with a pre-driven screw that is quickly installed by hand or with automatic equipment. The screw is pushed into a fully set position, but the part can be serviced by backing out the screw.

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