• QTPF Series Quarter Turn Panel Fasteners

    Quarter Turn Panel Fasteners come in two sizes. Each size releases the bottom panel while retaining the fastener in the removable panel using a flat-head screwdriver or coin.

  • Slide on Flat Tree Clips

    Slide On Flat Tree Clips are easy-to-use wire and tubing management solutions. The pine tree fastener base offers low insertion force, while a round or flat clip snaps over harnesses, cables, hoses, tubing and wires to keep them securely in place.

  • Snap over Tree Clips
  • Strike and Catch Access Panel Fasteners

    Strike and Catch Access Panel Fasteners are durable latching mechanisms for opening and closing cabinet doors and access panels. They are simple to install and snap easily into place through the front of your panel. This all plastic design is innovative for the catch and strike design.

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