• Non Removable Two-Piece Plastic Rivets

    The unique design of these Non Removable Two-Piece Plastic Rivets provides a controlled grip range through a built-in stop on the rivet body. These rivets can be used with most standard pop-rivet setting tools. The pin breaks off when it is even with the head, providing a finished appearance on both sides of a panel. Rivets listed on this page are made from Super Tough UV Stabilized Nylon and Acetal.

  • Plastic Pronged Rivets

    Plastic Pronged Rivets are designed for non-removable applications. They are available with 2-4 prongs, and 3 functional head styles, providing panel spacing, flush mounting, load distribution or appearance requirements. They are designed to be installed from one side for ease of application, and will accommodate different materials and panel thicknesses. Some are pre-driven, as shown.

  • Ratchet Type Plastic Rivets

    Ratchet Type Rivets provide a durable and secure bind and can be used with a wider panel range.

  • R-LOK® Standard Plastic Expansion Rivets

    The unique, one piece design of these Standard Plastic Expansion Rivets provides an enlarged bearing surface that will hold panels together securely without restricting thermal expansion. These rivets quickly insert from either side of the assembly and can be used with most standard pop rivet setting tools. As the tool pulls the pin through the body, it draws the panel together. When set, the pin breaks off even with the head, leaving an attractive, finished appearance. They are particularly effective for soft materials such as rubber, urethane or padded fabrics.

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