• Front Mounting Cage Nuts

    Blind assembly costs are cut in half with these Front Mounting Cage Nuts. They are quickly tipped into the mounting hole from the front side and drifted into locked position behind the panel with a simple awl-like tool. Two wing-like spring legs at either side of the captive cage nut provide spring tension to hold it in bolt-receiving position and allow slight lateral movement to compensate for normal build variations. A shallow emboss allows flush mounting of mating panels.

  • Self-Clinching and Retaining Locking Nuts

    Floating clinch nuts provide a self-clinching fastener with a floating nut that compensates for mating misalignments to 0.030 inches (0.8 mm) and provides prevailing torque for the mating screw equivalent to MIL-N-250-27 specifications. All self-clinching fasteners install into a round hole, which may be punched or drilled in ductile materials. They provide a permanently attached fastener, which becomes an integral part of the panel or frame and eliminates the problems associated with loose hardware. Self-Clinching fasteners provide added value by speeding initial assembly as well as servicing in the field, keeping costs to a minimum.

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