• Dart Type Accordion Panel Clips

    Plastic Dart Type Accordion Panel Clips provide a low cost replacement for screws and rivets. They snap into round holes holding securely in metal, plastic and a variety of materials. Application is easy - simply push the clip into the hole and its prong will compress to fit then expand again once it has passed through. They come in 12 sizes, to fit mounting holes from 0.131 - 0.286 in (3.30-7.30mm), and panel thicknesses of 0.060 - 0.125 in (1.50 - 3.20mm).

  • Dart Type Button Head Panel Clips

    Button Head Dart Clips, also called "Plastic Push-Pins" are available with a standard button, low profile or over-size head. They have a hollow prong that compresses as the clip is pushed into the hole, returning to their original shape after passing through. Push-Pins are available in 12 sizes and a variety of materials including Nylon, Acetal (Natural), Polypropylene, or self-extinguishing nylon (UL 94V-2). They are corrosion-proof, resistant to shocks and vibrations and will not work loose.

  • Circular Tree Clips

    These Circular Tree Clips, also known as "ratchet fasteners," are non-removable. Flexible ribs on the shank bend when the X-mas tree type fasteners are pressed into a hole then snap back inside the hole for a secure fit. This provides equal tightness anywhere along the clip shank, and makes these nylon barbed rivets ideal for applications of variable panel thicknesses. Available in a broad assortment of styles that give designers great leeway, Circular Tree Clips are offered in a wide range of panel thicknesses and hole sizes.

  • Triple Head Tree Clips

    Triple Head Tree Clips are similar to the Double Head Tree Clips. These xmas tree type clips, also known as "nylon barbed rivets," provide a quick and easy method for joining automotive interior door panels to the substrate with the additional head acting as a seal.

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