• U-Clips Panel and Trim Clips

    U-Clips slide easily over metal, plastic or wooden panels to provide a strong clamping action for firm, vibration-free assembly and to simplify front-mounting assembly.

  • Single-Sided U Type Trim Clips

    Single-Sided Trim Clips, also called U Type Clips, are excellent general-purpose fasteners ideally suited to trim strips, access plates or any light application where removability matters. Designed to use over rectangular studs or integrally molded blades and ribs, this trim clip attaches by push-on force. Insertion and pull-out forces vary depending on mating panel hole configuration, panel thickness and finish. Parts can fit in open cavities or slots. Please confirm set-up dimensions prior to purchase.

  • Special Barbed U-Clips

    This is a Special Barbed U-Clip used over a panel edge like a typical edge-biter clip. The barbs on the outside allow for a weather-strip seal to be installed on the outside of the "U".

  • Special Panel and Trim U-Clips

    Special U-Clips are designed for applications where engineered U-Clips are required to fulfill specifications. The U-shaped clip secures to one panel, while a different feature secures or interferes with another component. They can also be designed to apply a more delicate spring tension on fragile surfaces.

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