• Camloc® V964L Series Pawl Latches

    Quick Release, Pawl Latches from Camloc® provide a vibration resistant joining solution for quick and repetitive attachment and removal of panels with minimum effort. The V964L Series of Pawl Latches features:

    • Wide grip range (total thickness G up to 15 mm)
    • Suitable for a wide variety of applications
    • Single-hole mounting makes installation easy
    • Tool- or hand-operated head styles
    • Standard clockwise locking, 3/4 turn maximum

  • Palnut Spring Catches Ball Stud Receivers

    Spring Catches, also called Ball Stud Receivers, were originally developed for latching aircraft access doors, inspection panels, sealing strips and other similar assemblies that require repeated disengagement. Due to their versatility, they are now used extensively in other fields from securing kitchen cabinet doors to removable toe plates to electronic cabinets to protective covers, and more.

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