• HEYCO® #8 Liquid Tight Cordgrips Lab Kits

    HEYCO® Liquid Tight Cordgrips Lab Kit #8 is perfect for product design departments, experimental labs, and all prototype work.

  • HEYCO® Liquid Tight Halogen Free Cordgrips

    HEYCO® Liquid Tight Cordgrips in Halogen Free V-0 Nylon are an exceptional solution for strain relief protection. This product's Halogen Free V-0 Nylon will not burn or produce toxic gases in case of a fire. Straight-Thru, PG and Metric Hubs with integral sealing ring styles are available.

  • HEYCO®-Tite Aluminum Liquid Tight Cordgrips

    HEYCO®-Tite Aluminum Liquid Tight Cordgrips are available with Straight-Thru or NPT Hubs for strain relief protection. Aluminum Liquid Tight Cord grips offer durability and superior performance in most industrial applications. They prevent cable pull-out, control arc of bend, and prevent dirt, moisture, coolants and other environmental elements from contaminating indoor and outdoor applications.

  • Nickel-Plated Brass EMC-2 Liquid Tight Cordgrips

    Nickel-Plated Brass EMC-2 Liquid Tight Cordgrips, with a contact sleeve, have an innovative contact spring for strong clamping which virtually guarantees a secure shielded tap connection. They are available in 6 sizes and cover a cable diameter of 0.14 in (3.5 mm) - 1.00 in (25.4 mm).

  • Pigtail™ RDD Lockit™ Strain Relief Bushings

    Pigtail™; RDD Lockit™; Strain Relief Bushings snap onto flat or round cables for faster assembly into "Double D" mounting holes. The pigtail design gently bends the cable without kinks & installs without tools.

    • Fit a wide range of panel thicknesses
    • May be used with mounting hole plugs if needed to allow for a single panel design in multiple applications.

  • Snap-In Cordgrips

    These Snap-In Cordgrips snap on easily without tools. Their ratchet design of sealing nut assembly provides superior anti-vibration and ensures a firm grip on the cable. They are available in 13 sizes for cables ranging from 0.065 in - 1.560 in (1.7 mm - 39.6 mm) in diameter.

  • Snap-In Pigtail™ Cordgrip Strain Reliefs

    Snap-In Pigtail™; Cordgrip Strain Reliefs offer the ultimate in snap-in strain relief cable protection in panels ranging from 0.062-0.125 in (1.6-3.2 mm). They are designed to ease the cable into a lazy bend without kinks and without the use of locknuts. They are available in 12 sizes to fit cable diameters of 0.065-0.709 in (1.7-18 mm).

  • Solar Masthead® II Cordgrips

    Solar Masthead® II Cordgrip have skinned-over glands to provide you with a liquid tight seal around wires inserted into your choice of 1 - 13 holes. They are designed for solar rooftop installations, and are less expensive, easier to install and more aesthetically pleasing than combiner boxes.

  • Straight Thru Extra Grip National pipe thread (NPT) Liquid Tight Cordgrips

    Straight Thru Extra Grip NPT Liquid Tight Cordgrips ensures a superior seal at the clearance or threaded mounting hole location every time. All are constructed with Nylon 6/6 material and a Buna N or TPE sealing gland which resists salt water, weak acids, gasoline, alcohol, oil, grease, and common solvents. Includes the widest range of cable and/or thread sizes available, specifically 6 threads for cables ranging from 0.065 in - 1.450 in (1.70 mm - 39.60 mm).

  • Sunscreener™ J-Hooks

    • Helps protect solar panels from rodents and nesting birds.
    • Constructed from 303 and 304 Stainless Steel for maximum endurance to outdoor elements.
    • 303 Stainless Steel J-Hook easily attaches to the solar panel frames.
    • 304 Stainless Steel Washers will firmly hold wire mesh screen to the module assembly preventing squirrels and rodents from damaging the interconnection wires and birds from building nests under the solar panel.
    • The Stainless Steel J-Hook can easily be trimmed or bent after assembly.
    • Installs quickly and easily with standard linesman pliers.

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