• Heavy Duty Glass-Filled Nylon Ratchet Clamps

    These Heavy Duty Glass-Filled Nylon Ratchet Clamps are larger and stronger than standard hose clamps. They provide an effective clamp range from 1.937 in (49.20 mm) to 5.000 in (117.00 mm).

  • Low Torque Installation 1/2 Inch (in) Screw Drive Clamps

    These Low Torque Installation 1/2" Screw Drive Clamps are ideal for extra tough installations requiring high sealing pressures. Their unique double-locking design provides extra security and high band tension for high sealing pressures. They are available in sizes from 11/16" to 7-1/4" clamping diameter.

  • Stainless Steel Ratchet Lock Clamps

    Ratchet Lock Clamps are a Do-It-Yourself clamping system. The Ratchet Locks are combined with a perforated stainless steel band and are ideal for fastening larger diameter objects, whether round or irregular in form. Available with an optional screw lock, these ratchet lock clamps can be highly customized to suit your individual application.

  • Standard Plastic Ratchet Type Hose Clamps

    Standard Nylon Ratchet Hose Clamps are based on the original design for this type of fastener. An overlapping tapered ring of nylon is fastened around the hose or tubing desired and secured to the required tightness by compressing interacting grooves in a ratcheting fashion, creating a tight sealing application. Clamps are reusable. They can be removed by separating the clamping halves in a perpendicular direction at the seal.

  • Stepless® Plastic Ratchet Clamps with 360 Degree Seal

    Stepless® Ratchet Clamps with a 360º Seal provide a superior seal on hose or tubing through their patented interlocking design by eliminating the leak path created by the over-lapping ring design hose clamps. As interlocking grooves are ratcheted together, the sealing diameter of the fastener is aligned in parallel, creating a uniform clamping surface. They are removable and reusable, with easy installation on most liquid, gas, or vacuum lines.

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