• 250 Pound (lb) Tensile Strength Heavy Duty Nylon Cable Ties

    These Heavy Duty Cable Ties have a 250 lb tensile strength. They are capable of handling bundle diameters starting at 0.200 inches up to 2 inches. The ties are made of a rugged nylon material and molded with a 1/2 inch band width.

  • Heavy Duty Cable Ties

    Heavy duty cable ties offer a higher tensile strength for heavy load applications. The head design guarantees high tensile strength and a low insertion force. The bent tail design allows quick and simple installations by hand. For high volume applications, tensioning tools are available to ensure consistent and safe installation.

  • Heavy Duty Nylon Cable Ties

    Heavy Duty Nylon Cable Ties offer a very high bundling strength for all your strapping, securing and fastening requirements. Engineered with quality and designed to increase productivity and reduce your total installed cost.

  • Heavy Duty Releasable Cable Ties

    These Heavy Duty Releasable Cable Ties are made from UV Stabilized Nylon 66, and have a tensile strength of 40-250 Lbs

  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Cable Ties

    Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Cable Ties have a tensile strength from 100 lbs. to 250 lbs. They are designed to secure hoses, cables, poles, pipes and more when harsh environmental conditions may adversely affect the bundling application. Stainless Steel Ties are ideal where corrosion, vibration, weathering, radiation and temperature extremes are a concern. They can be used in virtually any indoor, outdoor or underground application.

  • Nytyes® Nylon Cable Ties with Stainless Steel Locking Pawl

    Nytyes® are nylon cable ties with a Stainless Steel Locking Pawl. These durable cable ties can be used for indoor, outdoor and underground applications, including direct burial. Nytyes® have a temperature range of -40º F (-40º C) to 185º F (85º C) and a flammability rating 94V-2.

  • Stainless Steel Cable Ties

    Stainless Steel Cable Ties offer superior strength and durability for demanding fastening and bundling applications. Offered in either 304 (general purpose) or 316 (severe/corrosive environments) stainless materials, these ties provide tensile strengths up to 250 lbs and extremely long life.

  • Stainless Steel Cable Ties with Ball Lock

    Stainless Steel Cable Ties offer more strength and better durability than nylon cable ties. The locking ball design ensures maximum hold and ease of installation. In addition, these ties can be coated for added protection and separation of dissimilar metals to improve corrosion resistance. For ease of assembly, position locking head so that the widest end is down.

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