• Flip Grommets

    Flip Grommets are used in several markets including, but not limited to, Aerospace, Military, Industrial, Marine and Automotive. They are available in 14 different sizes to accommodate a variety of hole diameters and panel thicknesses. Flip Grommets are installed by inserting the "unflipped" grommet into the hole. Forming dies on each side of the hole are pressed together until the grommet "flips" over itself, creating a flange on both sides of the hole.

  • HEYCO® Rubber Grommets

    These Rubber Grommets are used to protect or cover through holes. There are 160 sizes available that will accommodate mounting holes ranging from 0.250 in - 2.50 in (6.4 mm - 63.5 mm) diameter and panel thickness ranging from 0.063 in - 0.375 in (1.6 mm - 9.5 mm).

  • HEYCO® Strain Relief Bushing Lab Kits

    HEYCO® Strain Relief Bushings Lab Kits are perfect for

    • Product design departments
    • Experimental labs
    • Prototype projects

  • Plastinite™ Strain Relief Grommets

    Plastinite™ Strain Relief Grommets accept a variety of wire combinations. These one-piece grommets snap easily into panel holes to protect cords from push or pull forces.

  • Encloz® Self-Retaining Nylon Screw Grommets
  • SEI Series Sheet Edge Grommets
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