• BigHead's® Bondable Male TwinDisks® Inserts

    BigHead's® bondable Male TwinDisks® efficiently transfer tensile, shear and lateral loads to both skins of honeycomb, sandwich & composite panels, providing a lasting heavy-duty threaded stud as a fastening point. Male TwinDisks® are available in 2 basic designs - Symmetric & Asymmetric, each with a variety of disk/stud size combinations to satisfy your specific application requirements. EFC Representatives can assist you in selecting the correct configuration to suit your needs.

  • BosScrew™ Bolts for Plastics
  • Delta PT® Screws
  • Dual Spaced Thread (DST®) Fasteners

    Dual Spaced Thread fasteners, or DST®, allow increased thread engagement in softer thermoplastics with their high thread height and wide thread spacing. This also increases resistance to pull-out and improves product performance.

    They are available in sizes ranging from #2 to 5/16 (M2.50 to M8.0), in pan, hex, flat, oval, and hex washer head styles, with point styles available of blunt, gimlet or pilot.

  • Duro-PT® Thread Cutting Fasteners

    The Duro-PT® thread cutting fastener is engineered to meet the demanding requirements of thermoset plastics alloys to ease your assembly, ensuring a strong, reliable joint. They have an asymmetrical 30° thread profile, and are available in sizes S22 to S80 diameters, up to 152mm under head (other sizes available upon request).

  • FLOWpoint Delta PT® Screws

    New Thread/Point Technology for Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic The FLOWpoint DELTA PT® screw is an innovative fastener developed to meet the challenging demands of joining highly engineered CFRP materials. It combines two proven EJOT technologies into one screw. A self-piercing and self-tapping screw, the FLOWpoint Delta PT® penetrates both the clamped and mating material without a pilot hole. The optimized DELTA PT® thread geometry forms a strong female thread in the carbon fiber reinforced plastic.

  • Hi-Lo® Tapping Screws
  • Plastite® 48 Trilobular™ Thread Forming Screws

    Plastite® 48 Trilobular™ Thread Forming Screws are the high-performance solution for fastening thermoplastics and reinforced plastics. They are available in twin-helix and single-helix thread forming styles, and can be used with any external or internal head design. They come in sizes ranging from #00 to 5/16" (M1.12 to M8.51), in pan, hex washer and flat head styles as standard, with a 48º thread profile for thermoplastics (shown here), or a 45º thread profile for less compressible plastics.

  • PlasTORX® Fasteners

    PlasTORX® are metal fasteners designed to be molded into plastic and replace metal stamping and fastener assemblies. They provide high resistance to rotation and pull-out for a high performance assembly. Their hex-lobular design helps reduce stress risers, so they can be used in materials susceptible to cracking and breaking.
    They are available in sizes from M4 to M12 (#8 to 1/2"), and special completed assemblies are available.

  • Powergrip Fasteners for Layered Assemblies
  • PT® Thread-Forming Screws for Plastics
  • Pushtite® Bolts
  • WALC™ Bolts

    The Washer Anti-Locking Captivation or WALC™ solution prevents captivated washers from sliding over the thread like regular SEMS. The unique design of WALC™ provides the perfect answer for SEMS in automated assemblies. Washer Anti-Locking Captivation makes it impossible for the washer to lock. By serrating the partial thread beneath the screw head, WALC™ becomes integral to the screw thread and extends for 1 pitch minimum from the washer bearing surface.

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