• Flag Type Bolt Assemblies

    Flag Type Bolt Assemblies provide an anti-rotation feature on any bolt. This product is useful in hard to reach areas, where a tool or driver is not practical for securing a joint.

  • Headlight Lamp Adjusting Screw Assembly

    Headlamp adjustment screw for automobiles and buses.

  • Quickie Bolt Assemblies

    Quickie Bolt Assemblies are an alternative scheme to weld studs that do not require tooling or assembly equipment.

  • Stow Jack Bolt Assemblies

    Stow Jack Bolt Assemblies are 3-piece quickie bolt fasteners that feature a specialty threaded bolt used to attach multiple components.

  • U-Clip Bolt Assemblies

    These U-Clip Bolt Assemblies are typically installed into a plastic "doghouse" or into a slot on a panel's edge. They can be used for automotive applications like mounting deck-lid spoilers and sunroofs or with non-automotive applications.

  • U-Shaped Bolt Retainers with Bolt
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