• BigHead's® Bondable Male TwinDisks® Inserts

    BigHead's® bondable Male TwinDisks® efficiently transfer tensile, shear and lateral loads to both skins of honeycomb, sandwich & composite panels, providing a lasting heavy-duty threaded stud as a fastening point. Male TwinDisks® are available in 2 basic designs - Symmetric & Asymmetric, each with a variety of disk/stud size combinations to satisfy your specific application requirements. EFC Representatives can assist you in selecting the correct configuration to suit your needs.

  • S-Type Captive Threaded Stud Inserts

    S-Type Captive Threaded Stud Inserts function like the Knurled Blind Threaded Inserts, but leave a threaded stud protruding from the panel after installation. Components can then be attached and secured by a mating nut. These studs can be used in place of clinch or weld studs, before or after finish. Optional head designs include a weathertight PVC foam sealed head, or a wedged head for more torque capabilities. As these are installed, the knurled body expands 360º to fill the hole, creating exceptional torque strength and resistance to vibration. A backside flange is also formed, even in multiple thicknesses of materials without any need for adjustments.

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